White Curtain Rod Decorating Ideas


For anyone who owns a modern house or white house design, thus the need of having a nice white curtain rod is indeed a must. The presence of white colored bar above the window might be a centre of attention as all the things in white are always stunning. If you are in planning of decorating any part of your house with rod either in dusty white or ivory, make sure you follow the following rules to get the best result. Well, it is the time to browse and practice the brilliant ideas bellow.

As we know that every piece of the things within a room support and enhance one and another. This rule is also the same as when you are decorating the white curtain rod. You can pair and mix between the drapery hung at the rods with the existing furniture there. For example, take the sofa color as the guidance for choosing the valance color. Use the big furniture in the room as the reference, so the drapery and rods you have will be matched perfectly.

In correlation to the above statement, you might question how if the furniture are in neutral hues? Then, installing white curtain rod perhaps will make it more bored and uninteresting. For this case, you can use the room color as the guidance in selecting what types of drapes you want to pair. When the room is painted in ivory, then adding the drapes on those hues is the best option to take. For enhancing the look of this window treatment, you may be interested to add the rings and finials in white colors.

The white curtain rod might be simple, yet you are in great chance for making it adorable. For example, you can pair the rods with beautiful woven shades to frame the window. This shade is used both for privacy keeping function and aesthetically look. So, are you ready to install white curtain rod at yours? Let us know.

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