The Various Curtain Rod Holders Types to Beautify Your Windows


What makes your curtain look so awesome? The curtain rod holders will create the curtain more beautiful and elegant. Using the rod holders is good idea in your windows to prettify the home window treatment. The rod holders have so various types which can be chosen based on your need. It can decorate the rod style in the room. The common options of curtain rod holders with its functions are such as. The classic rod, it is adjustable pole, the ornamental end of cap to attach in the wall into brackets. The metal rod can be matched to others room finishes. It can be purchased in double version when you need to layer using sheers.

Other curtain rod holders is return rod, it is adjustable of U shaped curtain rod to screw directly in wall. Use the wrap panel in curve side will make good solution to block out the light. It is available in double style rod to layers. The track rod is the next rod holder. It is drapery hooks to attach in pulley inside of the track. It can also be installed in the ceiling and wall.

The tension rod is the cheapest and easiest to use yet it least sturdy choice. It will set to match inside the window frame using no hardware. It’s only for café curtain or lightweight panels. Furthermore, you can also use the wooden curtain rod holders. It is the type mounting curtain system which uses the wood as the opposite to metal or plastic hook to place over the window.

The variables of curtain rod holders using wood are so many which can be considered before you pick out the best one by measuring the right length and width to match in your window. It is sturdy material for making the curtain so awesome to support the certain curtain types.

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