Should I Install Small Curtain Rods for My Bedroom Decoration?


There is not any guarantee that large bedroom must be comfortable. You should remember that statement. I have an experience when I decorate my bedroom. Actually, I only have small bedroom decoration. Many friends of mine tell me that I should enlarge my bedroom by reducing my living room. But in my mind, that is not a good idea. The main problem for me is the installation of curtain. Should I install small curtain rods for my small curtain size?

The small bedroom makes think hard for setting window treatment. For many people, window is just a hole in the wall for letting the airflow. But for me, it is more than that. The window should support my bedroom decoration. But the small curtain makes me think twice for applying more decorative items. Are my small curtain rods applicable for my small curtain? That should be a hard job which I have to do.

Finally, I decide to get more information about the application of small curtain rods for small bedroom decoration. The articles which I read tell me that it is okay for applying small curtain for small bedroom decoration. But the most important thing here is how to find the combination between the window treatments, small curtain rods to bedroom decorating ideas. That seems a hard job for my first experience for decorating a bedroom.

Then, an interior designer suggests me with so many ideas. It is about how to manage curtain to the small bedroom decoration. Of course I never forget for applying small curtain rods. In the last of decorating job, I get a great design of bedroom decoration. You should go to my house for seeing my bedroom decoration. Even though it is in the small size, but my bedroom is nice for me. You should see it for saying that I’m true.

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