Retro Shower Curtain Ideas


The common function curtain is to be used to cover your windows in some rooms from the outside sight. Curtain is still being a choice for some people to cover their windows as curtain has its own effect than any other kind of windows covering. However, not only used to cover your windows, the curtains are also used in your bathroom as shower curtain. Shower curtains and windows curtains will be different in its material and design. You may find a lot of shower curtains have retro design and called them as Retro Shower Curtain while in window curtains, the picture pattern is lessen.

Just like any other retro design, Retro Shower Curtain will also have the same picture pattern. There are some pictures which are usually used for giving a retro or vintage look like curve, rectangular, flowers, trees and old pictures. Actually, you do not have to purchase a special curtain which has that kind of retro looks in the store; you can also made Retro Shower Curtain by your own.

The material that is made up shower curtains is usually a bit different from those that are used for window curtains. For window curtain, you may have a cloth material as the material will be always dry while shower curtains will be better if using a plastic one or any other water proof material. As you have known, shower curtain is used in a wet place so that the curtains may get wet easily in this room. So, make sure you get this point if you want to buy or make a Retro Shower Curtain.

So, if you may want to make your own Retro Shower Curtain, purchase a base curtains material which is waterproof. In this case, your drawing ink may have to be special in order to be able to be applied on waterproof surface. Making your own shower curtains may give you more satisfactions rather than if you are buying it from store in ready form. You can have your custom design and put the decorations here and there as you like.

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