L Shaped Curtain Rod: Several Tips in Purchasing


For every home owner whose bath up or shower area are placed nicely at the corner, they absolutely need L shaped curtain rod for hanging the shower curtain. There are many advantages in taking this type of rods. Besides making you easier for the installation, this rod also needs no much maintenance as it comes in simple design too. If you are in planning of decorating your bath with this rod, make sure you are ready with some guidance to gain the best result. This post had collected L shaped curtain rod tips for purchasing. Check them out!

As the rod is expected to turn the ordinary bath into the most comfortable place for bathing, of course you need to take the rod that compliment to the bathroom decoration. For doing this, you might start from the little things as buying L shaped curtain rod with styles that will blend well with the bathroom area. Purchase some finials that are matching with the bath design is also recommended. In selecting the rods, you need to consider the small accessories to pair on in order to get the fittest one.

After dealing with the rod design, let’s pay attention to the materials to composite the rods. The rule is the same; using the best materials to enhance your bath perfectly. Different materials will bring different impact for the look too, so you have to make sure that you buy L shaped curtain rod with best materials too. Plastics materials are reasonably priced yet they are not durable as metals. While if you own modern bathroom, it is better for you to take rods made form chrome.

The last consideration in buying rods in I-shaped is related with the wall. Once you install the rods, you need wall to hang them on. But, when the wall is covered with tiles, it seems no sense to drill it first then hang the rods. For this case, you can choose L shaped curtain rod with spring is the best choice to go. Likewise, you might consider buying mounted ceiling rods to hang them on.

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