How to Create Wire Curtain Rod DIY


One of the essential accessories to put in the window is curtain. To hang the curtain you need something to help it. It can be rod. The rod also has any types; it can be wire, bronze, rustic and many others. It could be the challenge to enhance the wide space into the window by giving the curtain. The wire curtain rod is made by twisted or braided cable wire which has the sheath of vinyl.

The wire curtain rod can be done itself. It is easy and super cheap to hang the curtain in the window by using the wire. Be sure that you can use the wire with good screw. How to make it? The steps are such as, you have to find stud with two opposing area wall which the end area of wire can mount. The wire curtain rod has required to high tension. Locate the stud using electronic sensor stud and tap the light on wall using hammer and you can mark the stud in wall use pencil to make good signs.

Then, mark and measure the wire curtain rod height in the wall and you have to keep mark height in the line using stud. Use the drill hole in the wall to each mark height. Next, twist the screw hook in each hole. Grip the pliers in hook when screw resists the tightening hand until the portion of threaded shank can be seated in wall.

Measure distance of cut vinyl length to the wall longer than measurement, and fold the end of wire curtain rod approximately six inches to create the loop of cable bends. Pull the end opposite wire across the opposite hook in room. Fasten the wire together using rope clamp in opposite end and the last twist turnbuckle housing for tightening bolt to increase the wire tension.

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