Curved Curtain Rods or Straight Curtain Rods


Having various functions, curtains is often used in some rooms. In living rooms, dining rooms and bed rooms for example, it is used to cover the windows from the outside. It is sometimes functioned as decoration too when hanged at those rooms. If the curtain is hanged in bathroom, it is usually used to cover the shower when we are having a bath. The important part in applying curtains and determining the look of the curtains is the rods. You can have a straight one or Curved Curtain Rods.

Curtain rod is the steel that is used to hang the curtains you have in some particular rooms. As has been stated before, it can be a straight one or Curved Curtain Rods. When you have the straight model, you will find a common curtain looks which cover your windows straightly while if you have the curved one, you will get a bit different feeling. As the shape of the rods is curve, the windows covered and the rooms with the curtains will have more special and larger effect from the application of the curtains and the rods.

You can have Curved Curtain Rods in some rooms which you want to hang. It can be applied in dining rooms, bedroom, bathrooms or living rooms. However, if you want to use the curved rods instead of the straight one, you should pay attention to the length of the curtains for the curved rods as it will be different to the curtain that is hanged in straight rods. For Curved Curtain Rods, the curtains will have longer size rather than those are hanged on straight rods.

Thus, if you want to make some special and larger effect in you rooms, you can choose Curved Curtains Rods rather than the common straight curtain rods. You can find your room looks bigger if you have a curved shape effect in your rooms and apply this kind of curtains there. Add some more decoration on the top of the curtains if you want to have more special ornament for your rooms.

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