Corner Window Curtain Rods for My Minimalist Home Design


Minimalist house is really nice for me. I don’t have to spend more money to put more furniture inside my home décor. The combination of living room decoration with other functions will be a good idea. I can do my office works in that room also. But there is something hard for me to understand. It is about the application of window to my minimalist living room decoration. Some friends suggest me to take the corner window. Of course the application of corner window curtain rods is needed here.

Searching for more information makes me crazy. Almost books that I read only tell me about how to decorate a large window with best curtain application. They don’t talk about corner window curtain. Of course I don’t find any idea about corner window curtain rods. Then, I continue searching the ideas of corner window from webs and pages. Finally, I get what I want. It is amazing to get ideas window treatment for small house.

In my first decorating job, corner window curtain rods make me crazy because I don’t have any idea about that. The important point that I get is that corner window must be completed with good curtain application also. So, for getting a nice living room decoration with good window treatment, I should read so many articles about how to choose good color for my minimalist house. Color plays important role in my decorating job.

In the last touching, I add corner window curtain rods. Finally, I get my best design of living room decoration. Even though the size is really limited, but I can put the best curtain application for it. Proudly, I present some pictures of my living room decoration to my friends. If you want to see it also, please come to my house. You will see my best living room decoration. My corner window curtain rods are my pride.

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